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Pindery is an Android and iOS based social network designed to join and organise parties. Each user will have the possibility to create a new party or join already existing ones nearby.


Organize great parties without the need of managing money and not worring about contacting people!

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Tired of saturday nights watching Netflix? Join Pindery to take part to the best parties you ever saw!

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Tons of people will see your events and your products while joining or organizing parties. You'll forget those weird sandiwch men!

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What do our users think about Pindery?

“Finding Pindery was one of the best thing that ever happened to me! Since using this app, organizing parties has become so easy and inexpensive that I cannot stop creating new events! The only side effect is that I don’t have time to study anymore.”

Jean Doe

Jean Doe, student @ Tongji University

“As a university student, Pindery gives me the opportunity to find events close to my dorm that I would have never known of in any other way! Last week I ended up in a Mexican themed party just 5 minutes from the university. I only had to bring with me a bottle of tequila and some tacos and enjoy the company – Best time ever!”

Mario Rossi

Mario Rossi, student @ PoliTo

“As a bar owner finding a good way to advertise without having to hand out fliers around the city was becoming a real struggle! Since I am using Pindery I see week by week an increasing flow of young customers coming to my pub, I just love the whole AEEooTo team for building up such a great platform.”


李先生, owner of Shanghai Pub

What can I do with Pindery?

Ok, gotcha, it seems great, but how does it actually work?

Find and join parties

To join a Party, you just have to choose the one you like more from a selection based on the position, check the info and then choose all the items to bring! A lower threshold needs to be satisfied and it is calculated taking into consideration different parameters such as the total number of participants.

Organise parties without managing money

To create a Party, you just need to choose what are the items to be brought, and our app will equally distribute them among all the participants with its smart point system! In addition, it will also send a notification to all the people interested in parties in that zone, reaching everybody at once!

Sponsor your products

If your business produce a potential Party Item you can partner with us to reach more effectively your customers! Your product will substitute the general item in the catalogue, and then every person that will take part to a party will be encouraged to buy that very item.

Promote your venue

If your business is organizing events you can partner with us to promote more effectively your venue! Your event will be in the main page of the app and every user will see it, either as an alternative or even as a continuation of their Pindery organised party! Choosing this option will route a user towards an external link where he will be able to take part to the event.


AEEooTo: Anna, Edoardo, Edoardo (in Torino). A great project team. Meet us!

Yes, the central ‘o’s make no sense. We put them just because it sound like aiuto, which means help, in Italian. Don’t worry, it’s ironic.


Anna Tranquillini

Flutter developer

Computer Engineering student studying for a double degree at PoliTo (Italy) and Tongji University (China).

Edoardo Debenedetti

Edoardo Debenedetti

Flutter developer

Computer Engineering student @ PoliTo, exchanging @ Tongji University in Shanghai | IT Consultant & PM @ JEToP


Edoardo Ghignone

Flutter developer

Electronic Engineering student @ PoliTo, exchanging @ Tongji University in Shanghai | Eager learner since the age of 3, loves math and applied sciences.

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4750 Lines of code (no, that one is not random)
120 Cups of coffee
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