theme library

theme.dart All the data for Pindery's theming, like colors and ThemeData and various styles.


dividerColor → const Color
const Color(0x2F000000)
inputFieldColor → const Color
const Color(0x99FFFFFF)
inputTextStyle → const TextStyle
const TextStyle(color: Colors.white, fontSize: 17.0)
labelStyle → const TextStyle
const TextStyle(fontWeight: FontWeight.normal, fontStyle: FontStyle.normal, fontSize: 17.0, color: inputFieldColor)
primary → const Color
const Color(0xFF212121)
primaryDark → const Color
const Color(0xFF000000)
primaryLight → const Color
const Color(0xFF484848)
secondary → const Color
const Color(0xFFE52059)
secondaryDark → const Color
const Color(0xFFB70449)
secondaryLight → const Color
const Color(0xFFED2467)
tileBackgroundColor → const Color
const Color(0xFFffcce6)


pinderyTextStyle ↔ TextStyle
read / write
pinderyTheme ↔ ThemeData
read / write